Unable to start ranked 1vs1 match (Brazil server), holds forever in load page and it was counted as a lose match

Just like the subject says, i started a 1 vs 1 ranked match (Brazil server) and load screen appears (also get the tick that i was connected to game or ready to start it) and the opponent was not ready yet, but it holds forever in that screen. I waited 30 minutes, yes 30 in that load screen and i manually close the program but to my surprise it counted like a played game! and i lose in it!, completely absurd!.

Actually i am on 1 vs 1 ranked games 5/9 but if i count disconnects and this problem i should be 9/5 at minimum, the games that i disconnect i was in clear advantage over my opponent. Its frustrating!

Please dont kill this game devs, rollback to its most stable build and spend 6 months if required to fix this things that make this game feels like a demo version.

I also need to say that i played another 1 vs 1 without problems, but in half of the games i get disconnected without reason or weird things like this happen. I have a very good internet connection and it was just fine on every disconnect.

Hope it will be fixed soon, by now i will play another game, i quit.


confirm it also happens in TG. 3v3 Brazil server
for me it has happned 3 times, all in Brazil server, i live in europe


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It was on Brazil server, good point on this. I updated my comment with that information.

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