Unable to start "The Normans" Campaign/Any other campaign overall


So, i`ve had this game since its release date, i got it thanks to an official livestream where they gave away codes to get the game.
Ever since then, when i try to start “The Normans” campaign (Or any other campaign, DLC included), it doesnt start AT ALL. Once i click on it to play, it gets stuck on the main menu, its not a crash, im still able to interact with the menu options but i cant access Skirmish or any other campaign so im forced to close the game and reopen it.

Tried contacting support more than once, didnt get a solution.
Game files are verified, reinstalled several times and still nothing.
This issue really bothers me a lot due to the fact that i want to play the campaigns! Skirmish and Multiplayer work fine btw.

Dont know if someone else encountered this problem.