Unable to ungarrison units from Ally castle. Anyone else faced this in this patch?

I was playing a 4v4 with my friends and had some Conqs garrisoned in ally’s castle. But I couldn’t ungarrison them for some reason.


Thank you for the report, we are aware of the issue!
Your ally should be able to ungarrison them on their own end in the meantime.


Hi could you also look into adding a hotkey for ungarrisoning out of allied buildings because all this time the game is not using the hotkey for garrison when u are in allied buildings and was only doable by clicking the icon for ungarrison.


Totally agree. It should really be the same hotkey as your regular ungarrison, just that it’s someone else’s building, but only your units.

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sounds like a good addition to me. as always, as long as it doesn’t break other stuff…

I somehow thought it is by design… agree that the owner should be able to ungarrison their units