Unable to update MOD description images

The game basically zips up the contents of the mod folder and uploads it, similar to if you did it manually via the web site. So if you’ve added/removed files, those changes should be reflected on the update.

Looks like the thumbnail icon for you taunt mod didn’t update correct, though the order did. I’m look at that now.

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Cool, glad to be sure of that now. I’ll wait a bit before I change anything else.

I found the problem with the thumbnail. If you move a previously uploaded image up to the top vs an image you’re uploading now, it wasn’t generating the thumbnail. I just pushed a fix for that. So if you update that mod one more time and re-upload the main image, that should fix the thumbnail.

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Excellent, thanks again!

I am again unable to upload the image. No errors, image doesn’t show up.
First I tried deleting it, reuploading it, and moving it up all in 1 update.
Then I tried just uploading it. Neither worked, it did delete the image tho.

Looks an an error happened when you tried all three actions so things got out of whack again. I’ll have to try and track down that error. Mean while you should be able to re-upload your image again. Maybe try them as separate actions for now, so upload, save, reorder, save, delete, save. And I’ll fix it so you can do all three in the future.

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Thank you, lookin good now. :smile:

I read this all, but I am still kind of confused. What is the TLDR version of what I need to do to get my thumbnail working again on this mod: https://www.ageofempires.com/mods/details/812/
I’ve tried releasing an update, uploading the png directly to the website, shuffling the png and the generated preview jpg.

Probably need @dodonotdodo to fix it. My case was broken code I have no access to.