Unable to upload mod, getting unknown errors

seems like 50% of the time uploading/publishing a mod will get unknown error “failed to update mod”. checked to make sure all files are the acceptable ones, unsure why its not working. @DodoNotDoDo could you help us check to see why?

edit: ok first time could upload/update, now getting same errors again… please help check

I’m not seeing any errors in your uploads and they seem to be completing. If you’re getting that error, I’m guessing it must be the game timing out waiting for it to complete. I do see where at least one of them took about 8 minutes to complete. Have you noticed any consistency in the timing of the failures? Like does it generally happen after X minutes of waiting? Might be helpful to know for the game team.

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hey thanks for following up. honestly I couldnt really tell, first time it succeeded took 3 tries, the 2nd time I tried 5 times and gave up and had to try next day, which next day only took 1 try.

maybe if there are players playing the mod upload wont work, but dont really know just guessing randomly

So I found a potential cause of the problems and have pushed an update that should correct for that and avoid timeouts. When you try again next, let me know if it seems to work better, the same or worse.

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