Unable to view the actual insider forum, or is there one

Hello I recently joined insiders last month and was happy to participate in the beta while it was still a beta.

I am currently having trouble with the forums sadly and also wish to note a strange occurrence i’ve had on this website

As the title states I have been in the insider program for about a month and participated in the beta, yet I am not able to view the forums.

Also my default browser is Firefox and I believe my initial log in and set up into the insider program was on edge. This might be why when I tried to log in it prompted me to make a new account which makes a wee bit of sense depending on how this website deals with ip’s cause I do have a vpn plugin on firefox. That albeit should not be the case.

Thank you mucho gusto.

This is posted inside the topic I am trying to find very peculiar and dumb of me

Hi @LilCantonDino, The beta forums were closed earlier this week soon after the end of the beta. The forums use your Xbox Live gamertag as your forum username. I see you have the beta forum tag so I think you’re good to go. If you need anything else please let me know.

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