Unable tu update to latest version

Game Version:

  • Build 27374


Unable to update, Microsoft Store is not able to find the update. I’ve the latest version of win 10 (1903). Also I’ve tryed to uninstall and a reinstall of the game but i got the same version.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Store and click on Downlaods and updates
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As far as I know the old client isn’t listed in the MS store anymore.

Could you check if Xbox Gaming Bar and Xbox Companion Console are installed on your system?

These two (and version 1903) are required for the latest client. After installation launch the old client and it should give a message that a newer version is available, then click yes to get to the download page and proceed by clicking install.

And welcome here btw.

Hi, I receive the message that new client is available, but when i click on the button i’ll be redirected to a store page that says to buy the app.

Is that a store page in Edge browser or MS store app?

It’s a Browser page.

Make sure that you are signed in with the MS account that you purchased Age of Empires DE with. And preferable open that page with Edge browser. If you are signed in you should be able to click on the the button to install (or buy) and the related update will open in your MS store application. If you are signed in to MS store app it will detect that you already own the game and you should be able to click install and start downloading it. Also you really need to make sure you are signed in on the MS store app with the same account that you purchased the original AOE DE release version with.

Do you by any chance try to do this on a different computer that is not set as your offline gaming pc at MS account pages?

Did you check these too? You didn’t confirm, so I’ll just guess for now that they are installed. I know they are obvious and should come automatically through MS windows and store updates after upgrading to 1903.

Hi, thank’s for your support, are both installed. After the upgrade to 1903 I haven’t seen the update Window in the game.

If you search in the MS store app for Age of Empires (Definitive Edition), what do you find?

The version that you find there now should be the latest client. If possible post back a screenshot from the search result in MS store. Also click … next to profile image and check for stuck or paused downloads and also check ‘My library’ and ‘Ready to install’, it might be listed there.

Maybe it got installed already on your system without your knowledge, so I would search in the Cortana search glass too you can recognise a slight difference between the logos. In my case Cortana search doesn’t even show the old client anymore although it’s still installed.


But the tile in my start menu still works.


Otherwise there is no option left other than to remove the old client first and thereafter install it fresh again from the MS store or to wait for that reminder message. I didn’t get it for some time already too.

Hi, I’m finally done the upgrade, after onther unistall and reinstall I’ve got the latest version. Thank’s for your help.