Unbuildable Areas?

Is it possible to just paint an unbuildable area?

I want to make it so people cannot build in an area around a sacred site or even a giant field that can not be built on.

I have been wondering this myself. But I don’t think there is a way. Yet that is.

This link here goes to a comment on the modding discord.

On top of that I would like to see a tool to make tiles impassable.

Reminds me of this… Can’t somewhat the same be achieved in AoE IV until new discoveries get made?

As far as I know shallow water doesn’t have specific properties relative to ground other than being unable to build there. If you can assign the water property to ground, or make the water visually the same as ground, it would achieve your goal? Although you’d have to check if someone can’t build docs with ships…

I don’t know much about world edit but working in finance has thought me that with data and Excel you can often achieve your result with very creative solutions.

Unfortunately, there is no way to paint an unbuildable area.
The only way would be to have some impasse created by mountains or similar feature.

sorry couldnt be of any real help here.

Is there any way to build a Defense Wall on the water surface area? I tried a couple of features I found but thy didn’t work. If it is possible would you guide us about how to build walls on the sea water too? I really want to add this feature for river like maps and even make my ships pass through the gate, like Caribbean Pirate Stronghold concept. One of the AOE3 Mod was helping you place walls and gate on the train rail ways too.

Hi, no you cant build walls on the sea or lakes.