Under what mythology do you recommend me to play?

Hello. I am an old player from Age of Mythology, though no a pro player. I seek the recommendations of you, players. What mythology do you recommend me to play in multiplayer? And why? Maybe greeks? Egyptians?

Thank you.

Why not norse? they have the best mustaches!

for new players i would recommend greek.
greek are the most common compared to other AoE and quite stable, and field heavy dependable units.
the egyptians are usually fast heroic age (3rd age) and wield very light units until they reach the 3rd age.
the norse are the early strikers and are usually used for rushes, they wield units with high attacks and mainly infantry.
the atlanteans are a bit allround and have a very specific way of playing and very specific units, mostly counter units so they’re a bit awkward but become really strong


I am not sure about Greeks being the easiest for a new player.

Egyptians get a lot of free buildings, ranged heroes + healing, free tower upgrades and cheap counter-units to survive rushes in Classic Age.

Greeks have to pay a lot of wood for everything, and they don’t get counter units until Heroic. Greeks can struggle for resources just from keeping up with economy upgrades and city building.

I think Egyptians are the easiest to get started.

Just go for Atlanteans and be happy

back in the day we always said greeks are easiest to play if you transition from another AoE game into AoM. And they’re good to get to know the game mechanics.