Underclocking stops crashes entirely?

I was wondering if anyone had this luck?

By going to msi afterburner and turning my core clock down by 26 points and my memory clock down by 100 points it seems to have stopped all the crashes I’ve had completely. I’ve literally had these crashes for months and didn’t think anything would work at this point. Has anyone else figured out why this might be?

Your GPU is crap or your PSU is crap.

All mmy games stopped crashing after replacing PSU :slight_smile:

What’s a psu?

I haven’t had any crashes recently

My game is pretty stable on both PC and laptop. It sounds like your cooling system does not match the heat output of your components.

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PSU means Power Supply Unit

To test if there is an issue with the system try running AIDA64 for CPU and something like FurMark (with your gpu software like Asus GPU Tweak) for your GPU. If you have an overheating issue these programs will show it.

A GPU will start to downclock when it’s temperature is over 80 degrees celsius, resulting in poorer performance. You may need to either adjust the GPU fan curve ( 100 speed at 79 degrees celsius) or improve case cooling.

A CPU will start to downclock at around 90 to 95 degrees celsius again resulting in poorer performance ,though for being only a single threaded game it is unlikely your CPU is reaching these temps. However if it is then try remounting the CPU cooler with new thermal paste or get a better CPU cooler if possible, for laptops you can improve air flow by propping up the laptop so air can flow underneath it.

Some other ways to help your GPU is do not run the game at unlocked frame rate, this will push your GPU to the max. In stead set to use virtual sync and/or set the frame rate limit(in game) to match your monitor refresh rate.

Hope this helps some people