Underdog Upgrades and Freedom

So far this game is amazing! there is plenty more to balance and polish but i just hope you folks dont forget about upgrades for the casual player.

There were plenty of noob upgrades in age of empires 2 like Sappers, Town Watch / Town Patrol, Half the Monastery upgrades that were seldomly used / prioritized in competitive games but most definitely gave the casual games more utility to feel like they were worth investing.

Whoever is doing the upgrades for AoE 4 is a mastermind with balance and im 100% sure that it will only get better from here. guesing there are plenty of upgrades behind the scenes that will be released in future expansions.

Just please dont forget about us casual folk !
borderline useless upgrades can be fun. it gives much signature to the game and there is no shame with having a few of them in there.

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