Underutilized siege towers

Siege towers are one of the few military units available to every civ, but they’re so underutilized. Could buffs/functionality be added? For example, make it double as a battering ram and/or allow garrisoned archers to shoot as a mini-tower? This would greatly change how arena games and walling meta are played/countered and would seem to improve the game overall. What do people think?

Allow petard to garrison inside and each garrisoned petard increases speed. Increase a bit of petard anti-siege bonus. Both units will be more useful


In the April PUP there was a change that allowed it unload units up to 3 tiles deep and 5 tiles wide, which fixed their usability issues. However that change didn’t make it into the game, most likely due to (possibly) unintended side-effects such as making it possible to: jump over houses and other buildings, jump over forests/rivers, and escape Socotra. So now it’s back to the buggy behavior of not reliably unloading multiple units onto the other side of a wall. If the April PUP changes are able to be added back without the unintended effects, I’d think siege towers would see more use.

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