Unfair 15 mins ban for random teammate quitting

I was just played a 3v3 Quick Match by myself without a group. At 01:32, a teammate quited, and became 2v3. Any sensible quick match players will quit too. (unless the opponent is so professional and have one of them quit to make it balance) Then, I got a 15 mins ban for my early quit. I think the handling is not fair, so I take the time to write this report.

The above game was recording. I think the recording ain’t important at all, but just in case you need any supporting information you could take a look: https://youtu.be/0dODCVoWmyg?si=__p6SzbmYvzfmhKP&t=169

Could the dev review this case and consider to ban only the first one who quit? And if the game is played as a pre-established group, then it is ok to ban the whole group as it is reasonable to assume they decide to quit together.

This makes people laugh and cry, it’s clearly unfair…

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i just had another game. The game fail to connect before started, I did nothing and then got banned for like 5 mins? The ban system is broken, just randomly punish players.

and again, in a 4v4 with random players, this time, an opponent fail to connect and DC’d at the beginning. Then all of my teammates quit very soon. I stayed until 1:30 to try to avoid getting banned, and the system still ban me for 15 mins!

I don’t know why the system has to ban me for nothing wrong I did!

Here is the game recording. This doesn’t show the 15 mins but I got it for this situation.