Unfair Penalties

There is something I would like to understand, it is the second time I get a penalty for quitting a game.

Context similar each time : 4V4, one team mate quits (in the first min of the game) on purpose or not I don’t know.

Then I also quit the game because what is the point to play 3V4 ?

Then I get a penalty…

Are we suppose to continue the game after a team mate quits in the beginning ??

You need to wait at least until after the 5 minute mark before you can quit if you don’t want to get penalized.


Damn waste of time for both teams… These guys make you loose time. Then the system is forcing you to loose even more time.

Only the first quitting should be punished.

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It’s 5 minutes man. Chill.


Time for finding a game + loading the game + 5 min waiting.

I happened to me 2 times in a row so you easily loose 20 min

It is waste of time. I have a family and a job bruh.