Unfinished Enemy Siege Towers Invisible Unless Map is Revealed

Just played a Mountain Pass map (Seed 28e0df03) against Abassid and Delhi AI (My friend and I were Chinese and French, respectively). At the end of the match we could not defeat the Delhi enemy despite having built towers over the entire enemy area and not seeing any buildings, farms, or scouts/people. As a failsafe we leave the sacred site victory active in situations like this, so we won with that, but after we won I watched the replay.

In the replay I saw that Delhi had an unfinished siege tower being built right near our base (Had 76 hp), but we could not see it during gameplay. I believe this made us have to utilize another victory type because the game was counting it as a living enemy unit and thus not defeating them. This is at least the second or third time this has happened in gameplay but the first time I’ve reported it. It has happened with multiple factions and maps too. Please look into this, thank you.

Thank you for the report @McBanans. This is actively being work on and will hopefully have a fix shipping soon :slightly_smiling_face:.