Unfinished landmarks at 0 hp still attackable


Enemy builds landmark to 85% and is shoo’d off.
Landmark is burned to 0 hp.
Landmark is too progressed to be cancelled, but not fully built yet to be destroyed.
Result is the army continues to attack the 0 hp ghost of the landmark indefinitely.

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Hey @Heftydogg! Are you seeing this when playing against AI? Do you know if you saw this after saving/loading the match?

Yes vs AI in multiplayer quickmatch, no saves or loads. I think it started last patch? I’ve seen it a half dozen times. Let the AI build a landmark near completion, stop them, and try to destroy the unfinished landmark to see.

Mali AI attempts to build Saharan Trade Network. Ram becomes stuck attacking it despite it falling to 0 hp.

this happened to me too way before the new patch when i destroyed the unfinished landmark it was still targetable but that situation occured to me so rarely i didnt pay any attention but this problem exist

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I know right? So many bugs to take for granted. By now I mostly play around them but once in a while it’s like wtf I lost time on this or that.

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Thank you @Heftydogg + @KnowingLamb8370! I appreciate the extra context here. The team will investigate.