Ungarrisoning from rams issues

  1. If there’s one single ram without units inside among the many rams you have selected, you cant ungarrison the units inside. You need to deselect the ram or rams without units inside first.

  2. Pressing the ungarrison hotkey should ungarrison the units at that spot immediately, because you usually need to do this in the middle of a battle surrounded by enemies, instead you need to pick a specific spot for them to be ungarrisoned which wont work when surrounded.

  3. Theres no bonus for speed when rams have units garrisoned. There should be.


404, playtest not found. …Oh wait, we did… my bad x]

same happen when you have multiple villagers selected and 1 single other unit, you CANT build anything without deselect the non villager unit in the group. so dumb.


You are totally right. Points 1 and 2, in particular, are especially annoying for new players and veterans alike. Just doing the art of war scenarios about siege weapons anyone can experience it.
I can’t understand the reasoning behind it or who is supposed to benefit from such behavior.

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