Uninstalling the Age of Empires IV Beta

Thank you for playing!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the latest testing session for Age of Empires IV! Below are steps to help you uninstall the beta product. We are posting these instructions to the Insiders section of the forums for ease-of-access.

But First, a Quick FYI:

  • Set yourself up for success! We typically recommend taking the following steps after you’ve completed a beta: please make sure the previous session has uninstalled properly, and you’ve deleted your Age of Empires IV Beta folder (see below).

  • Remember, the terms of the NDA still apply, even after the beta concludes and come launch day. You can check out THIS article for more information on the NDA as we get closer to release.

  • The Age of Empires IV Beta product will NOT work as a pre-download of the retail version. As well, none of your data (such as player level) will carry over from this beta session to the retail product.

Age of Empires IV Beta Folder Cleanup

Uninstall will leave your Age of Empires IV Beta Folder in-tact. This is the folder that maintains error logs, saved games, etc. You will want to manually delete the folder after uninstalling to clear space on your machine.

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Go to QuickAccess > Documents > MyGames
  3. Look for a folder named Age of Empires IV Beta and delete it

Manual Uninstall

If you need to, or would like to, manually uninstall the beta, please follow the below steps.

  1. Open the start menu and search for Apps & Features
  2. In Apps & Features, scroll down until you see Age of Empires IV Beta
  3. Click on the title then click Uninstall

For Steam users, if you are uninstalling before the official end of a beta, you may use these alternative uninstall instructions.

  1. In Steam, go to the title Age of Empires IV Beta
  2. Right-click on the game from the left-hand display
  3. Hover over manage from the pop-up, and then select uninstall
  4. Confirm the uninstall from the pop-up.

The Steam uninstall method did not work for me. The game no longer shows up in Steam now that the beta is over, and when I uninstall via the Apps & Features interface, it brings up Steam, then nothing happens. The beta is stuck forever in Apps & Features and I have 25GB of game files sitting on my hard drive!


I have this same issue. The game has been revoked by the publisher, so I cannot do a uninstall as per this thread post.

Please provide proper, full (manual) uninstallation instructions for Steam installs.


I didn’t any issues with it

You were able to see the game in steam and uninstall it after the game has been revoked?

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I am unable to uninstall from steam as well. I would prefer to not just delete the folder as the game will still show up in the the Windows Add & Remove programs. Please help.

I have uninstall the beta with the steam console:
“app_uninstall 1015520” alternative “app_uninstall -complete 1015520”.
With “app_status 1015520” you can check the installation.

Check this guide for how to do starte steam with console: How to Open Steam Console | HowTech


Thanks for the solution, in60!

That seemed to work for the most part, thanks in60!

Unfortunately it does not solve the problem of removing it completely from Windows. It still shows up under Apps & Features as being installed. Anyone have any thoughts on how to remove it from here?

Hello All,

We’ve seen the reports in this thread of users having trouble uninstalling the Age of Empires IV Beta from Steam. The key revocation process should still keep the game in your Steam Library, and change the Play button to an Uninstall button (see below). You may need to use Steam’s search feature to search your library for “Age of Empires IV Beta”, particularly if you are using filters to view your game library.


If you are still experiencing this issue, and the steps above to do not assist, then we will need a bit more information about what you are seeing, including screenshots of any errors that display, and what Operating System you are currently running. Thanks!

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oh nooo I’m too late? Beta is already over?

I think I should have spent more time beta testing to learn more about the game, 3 days is not enough BUT since I hadn’t played Empire before, I was hooked by part 4

abi ben beta içi bu kadar uğraşmıştım , kaldırıldı mı ?

Have same problem. Totally regret participating in this beta.

@Licidy the operating system is not the issue here. The game doesn’t exist on Steam so Windows trys to uninstall it it just opens Steam.

Always sad when such a great beta ends.

Thanks! It was a great opportunity to take part in PUP