Unintended clouds in panoramic view (?)

Hey, Recently ive wanted to switch to Panoramic view since it allows a larger view, but ive come across an issue.

I play on the lowest settings so i can always stay well above 144 fps, which is my monitors refresh rate, if i go to medium, i will drop below 144 fps in certain scenarios, so it is not an option for me.

When playing on “Classic” camera mode together with lowest settings, there is a bit of a “cloudy” effect you can see on the top part of your view, but when switching to panoramic view, this cloudy effect takes over way more than 50% of what you can see, basically just removing any warm colors. This makes the game extremely ugly, and to me, it doesn’t seem like it should be this way. See images below, the TC is a great example of the difference and how the colors lose their warmness.

My assumption is that these clouds were added for the classic view, and when panoramic view was added, the cloud effect was not adjusted for it.

Forgot about format while writing, sorry about that. Possibly not right part of forum either, but wasn’t sure what would be more appropriate.