Unique Archer Archer that can walk between trees?

How would you feel about an unique ranger archer unit (made in castle etc) that’s a weaker version of a longbowman in terms of range (they get 9 range with all blacksmiths upgrades, and get thump ring) but has the ability to walk between trees. So choke point maps are totally useless against them. On black forest, it would be near pointless to wall since they can walk between the trees.

They would be good an anti turtling unit. Nowhere to hide. I seen guys complaining about walling. So how about a ranger unit to punish turtlers? Would this break the game?

I don’t think this would be very well received if it was really implemented. It would be completely impossible to defend woodlines on open maps.

How are you going to beat them when they fire and hide in the trees.


Yeah. It would be broken… now that I think about it.

A huge ability like this it should be balanced with very low stats. Range and attack particularly.
I think that instead of archer, a blowgunner would fit better with this ability, more an harass unit that a real deadly riding unit

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Annoying af + if it can go through trees (which are solid tiles for the game) I feel like it would re-introduce a crapload of bugs that make your untis go through walls or get stuck inside buildings 11

A meele unit might be ok as it will always need to come close to fight.

African maps with low density Acacia-Baobab forests are kind of meant to emulate the same thing.

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Imagine a hideout game where the enemy just has 4 troops in the forest and every now and again springs forward into your woodline disrupting vis while the main battles happening. Would be cheesy as hell and youd probably have to tower all your woodlines and then again when you cut deeper

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