Unique Castle for all civs when?

Why the hell do puny Sicilians get unique castle and mighty Byzantines don’t?


probably bc Sicilians is more unique than Byzantines? or that they are a dlc and byzan are an OG? idk.


I guess they will come eventually.

Unique castles elite UU skins unique monk skins proper sails and kings for indians will come oneday.


Really hard to tell if OG civs like Briton, Frank, Byzantine… would get Unique castles design. So far only DLCs get it and it’s kinda immersion breaking in a sense honestly.

All Civs should get the same treatment, retroactively. Anything that makes a Civ more unique and better represented should be seriously taken into account. I mean, since they started it, go through with it. It shouldn’t take too much effort anyway.

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