Unique foot archer upgrade cost unbalances and rattan archer need improve

1:Viet- 1000f750g/ britton 1100f700g/china 750f750g, only Mayan get 1000w700f. Why only Mayan get high benefit about cost for more 10 year not unbalanced. Now I suggest to reduce cost upgrade Viet + Britton to 1100f600g / China 750f700g.( Viet less than 3 others civil about economy too).
2: rattan archer need delete frame delay shoot and reduce cost create to 45w40g.
Rattan archer get highest cost create but not get much benefit( 7damage = longbow, 4-6 pierce armor but get delay frame shoot). While plum archer but get more 20hp, 2 melle armor, 2 p armor, run faster 0.1, 5 damage but + 2 infantry so same rattan, trash upgrade cost. I wish rattan changes to plum tech :))). So I request to reduce cost create rattan and delete frame delay shoot. It need change from 4 Year ago. But I just know this forum for 3 year. 2 year in military camp.

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i think its largely due to the fact that the mayan unique unit has pretty much the lowest attack of ranged unique units, and it doesn’t increase with the upgrade at all. all they get extra health and 1 more PA.

first of all, plumes don’t get 2 melee armor. they have 0 melee armor.
rattans have 4 more pierce armor, and 2 more attack then a plume baseline as well. they are not bad units. as a matter of a fact they are one of the best anti archer archers in the game. if not the best. the rattan archer is better against archers, cav archers, and cavalry then the plume is.
the only advantage the plume has is vs infantry.


To be fair, the Plume is also slightly faster. That makes it an S tier UU. On par with Mangudai

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Plume is very fast

Rattan is faster than a normal archer and carries a Huskarl around to absorb arrow fire for it. It’s pretty great.


No where did I say plumes were bad. But the op is blowing its stats out of proportion (2 melee armor)?

You live in your own little world don’t you? Wish I could do that.

My message is for other readers. People other than you. They exist…

i rather small nerf for pulme archers…

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See back man, 55hp 5 damage, 1 ma 4 ranges. Up to elite get 5 damage 65hp 2 ma 2 pa. Ranges 5 :)))) + 2 damage to infantry

Because I finds balance for 4 Year from I play aoe2 :)). Ah camels + damage to elephant war too. Laughing tale :))) and elephant scared camel or will run away when see they. Aoe 2 :)). Exit topic I’m not

Dude do you even read yourself? That means rattans get +2 damage compared to plumes. Also plumes don’t have melee armour at all.

Camels don’t get anti-elephant damage, they do deal some bonus damage because the way anti-cav damage works it has to happen, but they still lose pitifully to elephants, sothis whole deal is hardly a problem.

Wood cost for elite plumes is a good balance. Mayans want to play low eco style, and want to use the wood for trebs or rams or barracks for eagle switch. Elite plume costing wood is a good thing

Again. Plumes have 0 melee armor

Sorry but might it new chảnge, it in edittion 2013. But I hold on the idea fix rattan with benefit from plum

My mistake but maybe from 2013 edittion, and elephant it can not like counter cause they not enought hp, but the damage still counter special with mameluk

I dont say need change mayan update cost plum, but need reduce cost a little for other archer unique civil. They too unbalances