Unique Tech Concept - Fishing Guards

Possible Candidates:
Existing Candidates: Japanese
New Candidates: Venetians

Researched from a Castle Age unique tech for 500 food, 500 gold. Effect: Upgrades Fishing Ships to Armed Fishing Ships with +4 attack and +4 range.

Fires 3 arrows at enemy ships. Their combat capabilities will be limited to small raids, and cannot fend off large sea attacks. First arrow deals full damage, whilst the 2 secondary arrows deals 50% less damage.

If it was Japanese getting this tech, they would have the hardiest Fishing SHips due to the attack, on top of the 2x HP and +2 armor.

Consider this as Spanish Supremacy tech, but for Fishing Ships!

I think it makes more sense as a civ bonus or unique tech.

So long as it ends up more like supremacy and less like Flemish revolution I’m down.

You are right here! It’s the Supremacy of the Fishing Ship!

Upgrade fishing ships to gondolas xD