Unique tech idea for huns

Atheism removed
Khan’s share: When tarkans destroy a building, Huns earn gold as much as cost of the building.

With this tech, huns will not have s struggle to produce tarkans instead of knights, because they supply knight swich.


Huns doesnt need any single buff. So its meaningless.They are allrdy one of the most strong 1v1 civ in current meta.


Interesting UT idea but I doubt you can code this specific to a unit.Any destroyed building giving gold back is doable.


What @Mahazona said.
Probably 10 gold back per building? Lets say you destroy 100 buildings in a match. That is 1000.

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Chivalry mod hungary has this as a civilization bonus,destroyed buildings gives 15 gold back.

They were always top 5

Yes, because if it gave back the total converted cost, a Castle gives 650 gold, and a wonder, if anyone builds one, gives 3000G. That’s kind of a problem.

If a playet lost catle, he will have more problem that 650 gold. I think 650 gold fair enough.

I like this idea, it would be a fine addition to the raider civ.

Yeah huns dont really need this type of buff.


650 free gold? That on itself would be a super strong buff, we’re talking about at the very least, 5k free gold (counting a bunch of houses, rss collection buildings, castles, military buildings, ect) Just throw a few tarkans at the enemy base and let them wreak havoc. You’ll actually probably benefit with the gold return

I agree. The ideal for me would be to earn 10 gold per destroyed house only, but I also doubt that it can be coded just for this building.

Well. In standard 1v1 games. If you destroy 10 buildings, game will be finished. In team games, gold income is not so important because you wasted your natural gold to make tarkan while enemy has knights and they can close gold gap with trade and advantage of the knights.

10 houses=game finished? Lol, sure buddy. By the end of the game, you will have gained 5k gold probably

And you can make your gold back by just taking down a few buildings.

Yes. If you destroy 10 houses you will get 300 gold.

That is the point. If players can easly switch between tarkan and knights, tarkan will be more viable.

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10 houses = 250 wood. Not 300.

what about 15% speed on cavalries but Paladin will be removed and camel and steppe lancer added in return.

Sounds op and unnecessary.

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I doubt it’s that difficult. It really depends on the conqrete way the functions of the game interact and are called.

Each time a unit deals damage something along this line should hspoen

New HP = old HP - effective dmasge after armor
IF (new HP < 0)
delete building

//now we just insert some extra code to make this work

IF (attacking unit is tarkan and UT resesached)
{give gold back}

Of course this is simplified, but it shouldnt be much harder I believe

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The position of the steppe lancer contrasts with tarkan after the UT. Also, that makes them too similar to a lot of the other Steppe Civs, Cumans in particular.