Unique Unit Concept - Steppe Nomad

To reflect on their expertise in mounted archery and prominence in the plains.

Unique to the Mongols, Cumans and Tatars. Replaces the Heavy Cavalry Archer upgrade.

Base Attack: 8
Base Range: 4
Base Melee/Pierce: 1/0
Upgrade Cost: 1000 food, 600 gold

All other stats (Training cost, training time, etc) are same as regular Heavy Cav Archers.

Which steppe civ would you want to see Steppe Nomads?

  • Cumans
  • Mongols
  • Tatars
  • Turks

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Kipchaks and Mangudai already cover this.

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I think the range and armour are the same as for heavy cavalry archers, so you’re really just proposing +1 attack for an increased upgrade cost.

But all of these civs already have bonuses for cavalry archers anyway, and apart from Turks, they have some bonus related to being nomadic, so I don’t really see why this unit is necessary. Not everything has to be represented by a unique unit.

EDIT: originally said +1 range, whoops.


I think +1 attack is what you wanted to say

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Yes I did. Thanks. Fixed it.

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The Heavy Cavalry Archer is supposed to represent a Steppe Nomad already.
Almost all civilisations with good Cavalry Archers live in a Steppe Environment.

Awful idea. It feels like you’re trying to post an idea just to post an idea

Just make CA great again, reduce their delay 30% so they are easier to micro… no need of a new unit

CA are expensive, need stable techs, can’t play without TR, ara available in catle age… I don’t know why they also have to be 3 times slower to shoot than an archer

My best guess is so knights can catch up, but they should not, give Light Cavs a bonus against CA if you want to give a counter to cavalry civs