Unique upgrade lines to shared units are welcomed, BUT

To begin with: I like that the game started to explore more possibilities with unique upgrade lines for the shared units (like winged hussar, legionary, savar).

However one minor thing that bothers me a bit, especially with the case of legionary and savar, is that a very late looking unit suddenly turns into a very early one. Like long swordsmen and cavaliers have typical high medieval looks, but then they upgrade to a “dark age” unit.

Is it possible to further implement a unique visual set for Romans and Persians for the respective unit lines? At least they should not look later than legionary and savar. It would be okay if they don’t align well with the other units of the same age because many unique units are anachronistic too.

BTW, I always feel the game is at the brink of implementing the long-requested and long-debated regional unit skins, but maybe we are so intimidated by that possibility.


In case of Romans it’s a problem of regional skins indeed while in the case of Persians it’s just that they cover a spectrum of more than a millennium, the Sassanid Empire starting in 224 and the safavids going beyond the end of the timeframe, should have been splitted imo.