Unique villager idea(Mechanic for new civs)

I have this crazy idea where a villager can gather coin from Huntables and gather food from trees. Via a toggle the villager can switch whatever res they gather from the natural resource regardless of what it is. (this only applies to natural resources) Though gather rate changes depending on what you gather from.

It can be used maybe for a Civilization known for creating trade goods on the fly and selling them. It might sound nuts but it is interesting to ponder. Maybe it wont work in this game. I dunno

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Very broken… but perhaps it could be applied to some native or Oceanian civ…

I wonder if they ever fixed the problem with giving tactics to villagers…

Yo me imagino a los aldeanos argentinos a caballo. Pueden recolectar recursos naturales pero no pueden usar los molinos y plantaciones, en su lugar se emplean inmigrantes