Unique Wonders for every civ

Assyrians: Nergal Gate
Babylonians: Current design
Carthaginians: Cothon of Carthage
Choson: Tomb of the General (best one I can find)
Egyptians: Current design
Greeks: Parthenon
Hittites: Hattusa Grand Temple
Lac Viet: Co Loa Citadel
Macedonians: Ancient Theater of Ohrid
Minoans: Palace of Knossos
Palmyrans: Temple of Baalshamin
Persians: Tomb of Cyrus the Great
Phoenicians: Temple of the Obelisk
Romans: Current design
Shang: Yellow Crane Tower
Sumerians: Ziggurat of Ur
Yamato: Oharida Palace

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Who in the world are the Lac Viet?

A Vietnamese civ added in Return of Rome, a DLC for AoE2.