Unit borders can't be seen behind palisade walls or only partly behind palisade gates

Game Version:

  • Build 4392666


There are three villagers in the picture as seen by the health bars. The border of the villager behind the palisade wall can’t be seen at all. The border of the villager behind the palisade gate can be partly seen as it’s on the edge of the palisade part of the gate.

Reproduction Steps:

Simple. Create a palisade wall or gate and place a unit behind it as seen in the picture.


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I also discovered that the borders are not visible behind Lumber camps or Mining camps.
Although, the weirdest thing is that when previewing the placement of these buildings the borders of units can be seen, but when they are actually built they can no longer be seen. See pictures below.

When placing:

When placed (the villagers are still behind the gates):

Are you still seeing this?

usually when you place units behind buildings you can see a blue silouete (or whatever colour you are) to see the unit, this doesnt apply if units are behind palisades. Unless units behind a palisade are selected, there is no way to know they are there in the first place

Here is a comprehensive list of buildings that don’t show team colour outline for units hidden behind them:

  1. Palisade wall
  2. Sides of palisade gate
  3. Lumber Camp
  4. Mining Camp
  5. Dock
  6. Trebuchet

They are shown properly in all the following buildings:

  1. Town Center
  2. House
  3. Mill
  4. Barracks
  5. Watch Tower
  6. Stone Walls/Gates
  7. Stable
  8. Archery Range
  9. Market
  10. Blacksmith
  11. Siege Workshop
  12. Monastery
  13. University
  14. Castle/Krepost
  15. Wonder.
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This is worse in general. How many vills are there?




There seems to be an small transition between “visible as normal” and “behind the building: activate the border” where the unit is in fact not visible and has no border. If I move one villager a bit to the left and another a bit to the right, everything comes back to normal:


The other one remains invisible.


It also fails in other cases (for example, under the TC sheep sometimes become invisible)