Unit Cap Mod

Hello everyone!

I will try to keep this short and simple for you guys.
In AOE2DE we had a MODS tab. My question is, why isn’t such thing in AOE3DE?
Now about the Unit Cap.

I definitely understand that they put a maximum of 200 for Ranked Games.
But there are so many people who don’t care for ranked (Like me) I just want to play against the AI and play a Skirmish for instance, and enjoy myself and play for a while.
I think they should change this, there is absolutely no reason to have a 200 Unit Cap in a Non Ranked Gamemode.
We want to have fun, but that’s quite difficult because I get angry every time I see I reached the 200 Cap and thus can’t do anything anymore. Units cost 4-5 Pop, this is insane, your villagers also magically teleport the resources back into your stash but they do still count as units/pop. On the end game you’ll have 0 villagers due to the Pop limit. There’s no fun in having a dead ■■■ town/city

I feel like AOE3 is made by a different company, none of the features from AOE2 have been put in AOE3. It absolutely lacks options/settings and freedom.

I wish they just gave us the option to adjust it, like we had in the previous game…