Unit Collision Gone after RoR Update when Formation Moving

Good day, I’m the modder who made Epic Matches 2. I’ve ported it from the last version of HD into DE, and up to a few months ago it was working flawlessly. Then, when I went to update it today I noticed that units are clipping into each other as if they had no collision whenever they were moving in formation.

I have searched for anyone having a similar issue, and tried to spot changes in the .dat file since the update but didn’t see anything suspicious. Would anyone know how to fix this glitch in my port to the RoR version of DE?

Attached you will find the link to the mod page link and a print showing the issue:

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Yes, it’s from the introduction of unit formation spacing. To make this work, you now need to correct the unit flank bonus and creatable type.
Flank bonus is the spacing between units. Creatable type determines where the unit fits in the formation:

Buildings all have a flank bonus of 1, and a creatable type 255.

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Thank you, the Conqueror!
That’s exactly what I was missing.