Unit composition against this?

How many camel archers would you mix into an infantry army?

i like running with anything between 15-20 camel archers, simply for the reason they make for excellent econ raiders if you can breach them through.
Their like mangudais but better in every way.

Also makes for good defensive units when microed well, as they are as fast as horsemen and can chase after raiders pretty well and clean them up.

It is up to you. In both cases I would immediately check army sizes (in population) because if it is 80 vs 120 then the composition or the number of camels or whatever becomes hardly relevant to why you had a hard time.

Speaking of army sizes, I recently lost a ranked game against a player that was using Mongols. Replaying the recording I found out that he rushed villagers until he had 140.

Interestingly, in order to match my army of 100, he did not hesitate to kill 40 of his villagers in order to build an army that could counter me. That seems like a tough call, but in the long run he ended up beating me, so I guess that’s the right thing to do.

Consider doing the same in critical situations, especially when you hit the 200 cap and realize late that you didn’t build any battering rams, stone throwers, or cannons to lower your Keep.

yes I learned this quite early actually especially since I mostly play team games where you feel you have to balance/rebalance the eco/army ratio. In 1v1 especially at high level it is very unlikely that the player who is ahead in economy has a much smaller army because the player who is ahead economically forces trades so his opponents would never get maxed pop with a smaller number of villagers/eco units.

In team games things get trickier, maps are larger, stone walls go up early etc. In 1v1 it is always a correct decision to attack/pressure if maxed out first. In teams, you teammates might be lagging behind so going 1v3 is probably a bad decision, then you have maps like mountain pass and company…

In particular in 2v2v2v2 or FFA, it is easy for someone who didn’t boom to get a large army if he does not get attacked then might even have resources in the bank despite the relatively low number of villagers.

I personally tend to stall a bit before deleting villagers to accumulate some resources. Sometimes I don’t even delete them and instead feed teammates if they have large military pop and I am playing a busted eco civ like Abbasids (even with the 30% tax rate feeding allies can be a thing when trading like crazy).

Deleting your own villagers is precisely the disgusting strategy that I abhor :face_vomiting: and it is highly supported by the game’s defenses, which allows you to accumulate so many resources

kamikaze strategies :face_vomiting:

That’s why I never make extra villagers… I do it in a staggered way…