Unit formations don't work properly

Units just don’t split up into the formation most of the time.

Line formation works best, spread out formation doesn’t work at all.
Sometimes it helps to let them walk a bit by holding and dragging right click, but really inconsistently.

Right now, the only consistent way to make formations work, is shift clicking one of the selected units in the group to debind it from the group, so you force unit position updates manually by doing so.

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Hey @Keempf! I’m not sure I’m seeing what you are. Any chance you can toss some screenshots my way so I can better understand?

Much appreciated!

I wasn’t able to find another post confirming this bug. But here’s an example of how it can look. This happens in campaign and multiplayer. In short, the unit formation “abilities” are extremely unreliable. It seems to be most easily reproduced by activating/toggling the formations in between movement commands in rapid succession.


Thank you @TheBajamba—appreciate the video!

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