Unit Graphics Editing Solution?

I didn’t see a topic on this in the search, so I’m not sure if anyone will know the answer to this…

Is there a quicker way to edit unit graphics to create new units? Each unit has between 3,000 to 6,000 individual sprites. I was exploring the idea of creating a Mounted Crossbowman (Cranequinier), and other units in the future, but wow… Would I really have to edit that many individual sprites in order to make this happen? Is there not a graphics tool designed for this purpose to speed up the process?

The units are 3D models turned in to sprite so you have to edit all of them,a simple recolor would also take a long time.

For vanilla and HD it was only 10 15 frames so it was doable.Unless you know how to make units with 3D its not possible.

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Dang it. I will look into 3D modeling then. It would take way too much time to edit that many sprites. I have some experience with 3D modeling software, so I’ll see what I can do with that. Thank you!

If you use discord you might want to join here.

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Anyone knows what tools were used to design the sprites and buildings? Can it be done manually by lay-people?

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Probably 3D MAX vray and other tools.

What does lay-people mean?

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Non-AOE2:DE designers. Muggles…