Unit Idea: Camel Scout

Well, they already have Siege Rams.
As for the Siege Engineers, I figured it would be too much with the Archers upgrades, Archer Line of Sight bonus, and instant Camels; though I would be open for it, if it proved needed down the line.

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Like the lancer scout, I’m against it because feudal unit balance is pretty good and hasn’t been changed. Sure they introduced Eagle scout but they nerfed it hard. Not only is the camel scout a better raider than the scout but it also counters scouts and would also perform better against spears.

That is why I proposed it to be a civ UU, specially for a civ without Scouts and Pikes.

Idk, without any of the last armor; no pikes and light cav, sounds like a bad civ
Also bad siege and bad monks

Intant Heavy Camels and instant Trash Camel Scouts, though.

Siege is bad on purpose, because of the huge power spikes of getting free Crossbow and Arbalest.
An Archer Rush immediately becomes a Crossbowman Rush, and Fast Imp into Arbs would be a valid strat.

As I was suggesting, this could be a unique unit, like the Imperial camel. (seriously, its in my initial post AND an extra comment by now…) That’s why I discussed several Civilizations that I think this unit would fit well too, and how it would work with them.
Ethiopians, simply wouldnt get the camel scout.

Guys, this is not a discussion about your personal unique civ. The idea of the camel scout was to be a unit that could be inserted into the game as it is. Preferably as a unique unit for one of the above mentioned civilizations that are already in the game. Not as a unique unit for one of your own Civilization ideas. You can discuss those in a different thread.

I don’t know why everyone is proposing their own new civilization here. That was not my idea at all, as this will never happen anyways (not that I expect the camel scout to be introduced, but I actually think it is not impossible). I proposed it to NOT be a replacement for the scout cavalry, but be an addition to the stable in Feudal age. It would be pretty ■■■■ expensive. They would be better than scouts for raiding in numbers, but not in cost. They take less arrow fire and cost more. As I said, 3 camels have the same villager killing potential, and the same sustainability against pikes as 4 scouts, but they still cost more. In addition I do not propose that the civilization would start with a camel scout. They would still get the regular scout only to start with.

Turks would be an example that I already mentioned, which would actually not get pikeman. For which camels are a quite important thing. They still would not be a trash unit. Camels in Castle and Imperial age are not changed, and the costs would be the same in Feudal age. The only difference is, that they could build a weaker camel for the same costs in Feudal age already.

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Idk about cost, the camel costs 25 less food than scouts which is definitely the more valuable resource in feudal age. I can see opening with normal scouts while getting camel scouts while the gold kicks in, especially with your Turk suggestion who almost mine at imperial speed. Maybe I’m exaggerating their effectiveness as walls are still effective vs them (except maybe when Indians as ally)

Yeah, it would definitely require their own build order, and for Saracens this build order would translate well to transtition into archers I guess. I actually think due to their high cost a 21 pop feudal build order would not be sufficient to pump out 3 camels immediately after age up.
Anyways the scout rush on most maps is a pretty bad strategy in DE, as most maps can be easily walled by feudal age. That is why I am kind of leaning towards giving this unit to the Indians, as at the moment the only viable strategies are drush fast castle, archers, or towers, while feudal cavalry almost never makes sense.
Personally Im really more worrying that they wont have any other use, than massing up camels for quick castle age aggression, as a counter against scouts is rarely needed, as they are rarely useful.
They have the same problem as the scout rush, and they are weaker against the most effective feudal offensive unit, the archer, than scouts are.

Huh, cool, you totally called it.