Unit pathing bug when target is killed

Hello, I don’t seem to find any reported bug on this matter, but I find this bug which happens with ALL civilizations, on all maps/modes to be very annoying:

  1. Try this in a scenario where you are engaged in a battle in the middle of the field, with units continuously being produced from several military buildings in your base and rallied to the battlefield
  2. Select ALL military units with Ctrl+Shift+C (therefore selecting some that are on the battlefield and some which have just popped out off the military production building)
  3. Click to attack a target, i.e. a unit or building
  4. Notice that when the targed is killed/destroyed, the units that were not on the main battlefield stop in their place.

The main takeaway is that a unit stops in its place if their target is killed.

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Hi @RafaelDubreu, I have a feeling this is by design. This is how it works in Age of Empires II: DE as well. Were you expecting all units in transit to the enemy unit or building along with all units in production to use the location of the killed unit or destroyed building as a waypoint?

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I understand, but this is rather bad UI in both games then. I just tested the feature in Age of Mythology (I was used to the mechanics of this game so my expectation streams from here) and when you select units that are, let’s say, in your base and order them to attack a target (i.e. a building) across the map - if that building gets destroyed in the meantime, they just continue walking towards where it stood.

When I order a bunch of units to attack a target, my mindset is that I want two things:

  1. That my units go to a certain place
  2. That my units attack a certain target

Currently, AoE4 mechanics only consider the second step, disregarding the fact that I wanted my units to move to the place of that target.

I found this to be the most annoying when having a mass of archers and mangonels fighting another mass of units: when you order them to attack, you naturally focus on a target with all your mass - but if the archers one-shot the target (which happens extremely often), then the Mangonel will just sit there in an unpacked state (I feel like this might even be a separate issue), as if there would be no other targets to kill than the one-shot target.