Unit Population Question

Hello everyone,

There’s been something bothering me for quite a while now and I’m just really looking for some answers, maybe one of you can help me out.

Why is it so that in AOE2DE we have the choice to increase our Unit Population but in AOE3DE we don’t have this feature.

I feel like there are way too many mechanics and options missing from the previous titles, not giving us that feeling that we are actually playing an AOE game.
Also I constantly have the feeling that AOE3 is not made by the same developers, since once again, there is important stuff missing from previous titles.
Small Example: In AOE2 and DE, you had the option to Lock your Gates
We do not have this option in AOE3 and it’s quite frustrating in battles.

Well let’s not drift from one subject to another shall we :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you guys agree with me but let me know what you think anyway.


Population space is a key mechanic in AoE3, with various units taking different amount of pop space and certain civs having pop cap bonuses (Chinese, Inca…). Unlike in AoE2, changing the population limit could severely imbalance the game.

Additionally, the 3D engine of AoE3 is not designed to sustain thousands of units moving and battling on the screen. Going way above the intended population would result in technical issues / crashes for players.

Quite a few “AoE3 things” were actually added back to AoE2 with its DE (easy drag military, unit action queue, global queue).

Original AoE3 was made by the same developers as original AoE2 (Ensemble Studios).

This option doesn’t seem very useful in AoE3, since enemy units are never able to pass through your gates in the first place.


The expansion werent made by eswmble studio at it really shows since with warchiefs and tad they started to ad in auras, more abilities like Stealth , wonders magic and dances and for the first time in aoe assymetrical civ Design (excluding aom).

It really showed the divergence in design and until thsi day I feel like the expansion were a mistake…

Why didn’t they add diplomacy in aoe3 as in aoe2. That would have been a good change instead.

Or a all card game mode like full tech where the deck only serves as a quick access but you can sent any card with the deck building ui. Then we could choose our strategy in game and desidw by what we sent insrrad of everything being determined and limited by the deck. That would have made th game so much better. Have you ever played a 44 card hack deck inthe original. It is so liberating and is the way the game should be played.

Instead we got civ like Japan, which is as everybody knows op. Or Spanish monks damage auras.

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