Unit rush truly unstoppable?

I mean, its either 50 mangudai or 50 lancers or 50 camels and its gg? of what expert strategies am i missing here?.. It becomes boring… if spearmen are meant to be strong against these horses its RIDICULOUS that they cant even reach them and you are chasing them like a fool around the colony… its a children’s game or what? (well it is, but anyway…)

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If they got to Feudal, massed 50 Mangudai . . . what were you doing at the same time? That’s not a rush.


For mangudai make archers for lancers make spearman or crossbow for camels make spearman or archer depends on the camel.If you cant do these it already over gg.You need to use spearman for defense you shouldnt chase the horses.Use crossbows they can take out lancers from range.

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these are the kind of expert strategies I was talking about. I am gonna try this, thx!

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Thats’s all you ever see massed for units