Unit Selection

Raised this issue earlier but I like to share it again. Their is difference of AoE with other rts like RoN. After selecting a set of units through a drag box or through control group, you can select only to check the identity of the units, but you can’t opt for separate selection of individual or a batch of certain units within the general selection of the units. This option is not the tactical one though. For example if you want to select and separate your explorer individually from a larger selection then you have to find it to select it individually and then separate it out.

I don’t quite understand, do you want to know how you remove specific units from a group or ?

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After I select a chunk of units and when I try to remove any specific batch of units or any individual unit from the larger selection, by right clicking on them or from the selection box (which shows your selected units), the larger selection doesn’t cancels off so its not possible to sepearate them in a larger selection from the selection box (which shows your selected units).

But which game ??
Aoe1 2 3 4??

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I believe its the whole franchise in general though I experienced this issue in AoE III, AoE III D.E., AoE II D.E. and AoE IV.