Unit Stance Idea - on creation

I was wondering what people thought about being able to set a unit Attack, Defence etc. Stance straight out of the building?

For example: I set a rally point out of barracks (or any other building) and the units are created but come out with a defensive stance.

I know it’s possible because Rams etc do that automatically anyway.

Would be really helpful in many situations but none more than when an enemy is scouting and runs past your rally point and while your distracted with economy micro your units have gone walk about chasing a scout. :unamused:


You can choose defensive or aggressive as a global default in the game options, but I agree it would be nice to be able to change this per building at different points in the game, including the other stances.


I would like to be able to switch default stance for units of some type by right-clicking on unit button in production building and then selecting stance from a list. Currently selected default stance should be displayed in unit button tooltip.
It would be more comfortable to set it for all buildings, not needing to set it for every building separately.

For example if I would want to set default stance for all trained scorpions to stand ground, then I would open any siege workshop, right-click on scorpion button and select “stand ground”.


yeah it would be great

I considered it but was concerned there wasn’t enough room. IA castle for example, would that not become messy?

Why not enough room? Functionality for changing default stance for specific type of unit would only appear after right-click on unit button. It would not be permanently visible.

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Yep makes absolute sense. Like it :+1:

I would like petard class default to attack stance.