'Unit Tag Exceptions' More Prevalent in AoE III than II?

I use the wikias of most games to learn them fairly in-depth. I have been working on a few very close/similar builds that use my increasing knowledge of unit tag-types which can be difficult - so hopefully I haven’t made mistakes in my thinking.

But when coming up with how unit tags work - I just uncovered that they multiply together when 2 or more apply to the same unit from an attacking unit (e.g. cavalry + light cav bonuses of an attacker multiplies together against an enemy dragoon for example).

One thing that makes the whole ‘every civilisation is vastly different’ aspect of AoE III is the fact that my builds are looking at natives - which just adds to the complexity & volume to learn. One specific conundrum I’ve come across is - why do only some Villager Tag Units technically gain the bonus damage when revolting to Canada? I have seen Villager (Economic is in white/grey below it) on the wikia - though a unit like the House of Oldenburg Huntsmen (*NOT HUNTER) is Villager without economic below it [i.e. are they two different villager tags], where these Huntsmen units don’t get the bonus damage from the revolt & yet still gets economic upgrades & blunderbuss + greatcoat.

Is this like in AoE II where Thumb Ring reduces the reload rate of skirmishers, but secretly adds in an increase for the skirmishers too equal to thumb ring so it doesn’t affect their reload rates. How does AoE III single out this unit to NOT participate in the attack increase from revolting & does anyone know other examples? I’ve been looking through the Berber Nomad Villagers for example & they alongside the Cree C.D.B.s seem to get the bonus. If you somehow gave the revolt the Fishing Canoes or gave them a ranged attack - they are ships + villagers Economic as a tagged unit, so would they then get the bonus damage too?

Just looking to bring this up as with how weak the House of Oldenburg Huntsmen/Hunter looks, I think giving that bonus to them is fine since it is so extremely situational… And the gather rate of that unit only works on hunt alongside them having a population cap and so on. Just a really odd case I wanted to bring up.

there are like a ton of ways the devs design around interaction so its best not to dive that deep but we can look at the specific cases.

So the way the the royal huntsman interaction works is due to the attack type that the revolution affects

the revolt only affects the BlunderbussAttack, RifleAttack and SpearAttack which are the attacks used against animals

So the Royal huntsman does have an attack against animals and this is affected by the revolt, after the revolt it instant kill a hunt while before it will take 2 shot.

But against other units it will use the standard volley range attack, which isnt affected by the revolt.

as for the blunderbuss tech, the tech simply affects every attack type since it uses the all action damage flag in its effect

The reason for this is because the unit is also affected by Native techs/cards from France since its a native unit and its also has the tags of a standard military unit so it gets affected by say the French range attack card, advanced arsenal techs and even the Pionners so all that stacked together has some funny results

If you go for the hunter route then you trade HP for more attack
So dont just think about it as a vil unit, its capabilities are much more then that

in addition its also a counter-skirm unit, so its attack are lower then normal skirms usually.

Yes okay perfect, thank you very much… getting to the end point of understanding it - where it’s not ONLY the unit type itself (the culmination of its various armour/unit types), it is also the various attack sub-types (not just Ranged or Melee/Physical or Pierce, etc.) that take on the effects of various technologies & home city shipments and so on.

In this instance I was simply going through the fact that the blunderbuss was giving minor damage increase alongside that range (it isn’t left at 12) & figured if the damage were to be increased massively by 20 (X2) by Blunderbuss & Canadian Revolt for only 3-4 less range. Where that seemed more than reasonable given the strong French Auxiliary/Native Home Shipment Cards alongside even more villager H.P. increases as you’ve shown above.

But this should all help explain different FULL theoretical concepts I’ve had in my mind for quite some time - going through the various ‘Supplementary Native’ scenarioes (they occur on the same map) with something like the House of Phanar & Oldenburg on Muscovy… Where the former’s Big Button giving Villes increased base attack damage & a percentage hit point increase when activated in ages III, IV & V for 120 seconds would BOTH apply to C.B.D.s & Voyageurs. But the Huntsmen would ONLY get the H.P. here since the H.P. affects the Villager unit type tag, but the villager damage attack tag only affects Blundebuss attacks & so isn’t applicable to them.

  • e.g. you could get something wonky such as a 700 H.P. Imperial Royal Huntsman in Age V as the French with all villager H.P. cards & technologies after activating the House of Phanar big button.

I just tried this and I think its definitely affected for the damage part

an important thing to note though is that ingame the Hunter and the Huntsman are 2 seperate unit with 2 different sets of tags, notably is that the Hunter loses its villager tag so the Hunter wont be affected but the Huntsman will be.

The Hunter is however still affected by things like pioneers, blunderbuss and greatcoat through a seperate tag that it has though the effect is less for these types of units

edit: forgot to do imp and was missing a card

you can check in the android aoe3 app if any tech applies to a certain unit.