Unit/Technology Queue

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.32708.04381514
  • Platform: Steam


Unable to cancel the first unit/technology in a building’s queue. I can cancel the second, third, etc, but not the first unit/technology in the queue.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start researching a technology or creating a unit.
  2. Try to cancel the technology/unit

Yeah, same here. Kinda annoying, hopefully it will get fixed

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I had the same issue, but seemed to figure out what was wrong for me. For me it was a problem with the HUD scale. If it was set to 125% You couldn’t cancel a unit or tech, but at 100% it worked just fine.

Yep, you were right. Decided to nitpick and at 122% I could cancel units in que. But not at 123 %:smile:
Set to 120 and everything seems fine

Are you still seeing this issue?

Yeah. The other commenters were right. It has to do with the HUD scale. I had it set to 125. For me, anything past 118 gives me the effect. 118 works. 119 and up gives me problems.

@NightStar48955 Just to check, you’re seeing this currently happen in build 33351?

Yeah. It also affects the ability to select a unit from the top row when selecting units.

Yes I mentioned this problem in steam forums several time but no one responded. Scaling the UI above 100% makes canceling first unit/technology impossible by mouse click.
Yes this bug exists in the latest build as well.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m glad there is at least a workaround for now, but the devs are looking into a better solution.