Unit teleporting is back

MP Replay v101.102.44203.0 @2024.04.05 111522 (1).aoe2record (4.2 MB)

Notice the 3 mangonels in early castle age under the TC

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I saw this in a movement of 4 scorpions, one of them was teleported even though nothing was blocking it.
AgeIIDE_Replay_303678193.aoe2record (4.4 MB)

Hello, thanks for the report, I forwarded it to the team.

One of these two Scorpions teleported back to the location first got pulled by that female villager, right when the villager went away, or garrisoned, or… I don’t know because I can’t see behind the UI.

Today’s footage. Today’s live build is the #109739.

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I think the teleport bug doesnt only apply to just scout/knights light cav etc, they likely only “fixed” the cavalry but didn’t fix rest of them because those were the most frequent.

again when reported something they likely would only fix that single thing.

Seems to only be happening with siege units, at least for the most part. Take a look at some recent examples