Unit testing, true cost ratio

My friend @AFKnorris and I created a spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uk8dvB2cuTBkSMO4RcWMJzdo_Tgv1HOamRL1op2C_Aw/edit#gid=0 with the costs of units converted to vils per second, in which way the speed at which each resource is collected is taken into account:
Wood: 0.5
Gold: 0.6
Food: 0.84

Now knowing the true cost based on seconds of village work, we did some unit tests: https://youtu.be/P0jkfvrsxT0

Uhlans test with 190HP:
As I thought before the tests: it was that the Uhlans were very strong in battles vs cavalry.
As I think after the tests: taking into account the right proportion of the true cost, the Uhlans convincingly lost to Hussar, and an average result against Cuirassier. That way, I am no longer convinced that Uhlans need the nerf for 180HP.

Doppelsoldners Test:
As I thought before the tests: it was that the Doppelsoldners were bad, and only won pikeman units (units that have x5 vs cav) and lost to everything else. I still thought that this unit needed a buff.
As I think after the tests: Doppelsoldner are worse than I thought, they are slaughtered by musketeers (no micro by the musketeers!), They lose to Halabardier, and are slaughtered by Samurai. As shown in the video, we put a 10% buff on the Doppelsoldner’s HP but it was not enough to match the Samurai.
Doppelsoldner are horrible for their cost and desperately need improvement in their base statistics.

But I still have to say a few things I think about civilization:
1 - Germany does not need buffs in 1vs1 games, in fact, from what I watch from the best players, it is a strong civilization.
2 - I believe that the bonus of 3 Uhlans at age 3 is too strong.
3 - The 3SW shipment at age 2 is too strong (suggestion: it could become 2SW infinite or change it to age 3, becoming 4SW).
4 - Germany is not strong in team games, just as it is in 1vs1 games.
5 - I would like the politician The Mercenary Contractor to be added (in fact the civilization that most deserved this politician is Germany).
6 - The Soligen Steel card is a joke: With a fully updated Doppelsoldner, when this Soligen Steel card is applied, it generates an effective increase of 20% of the total HP value, with a loss of 33% of effective speed, that is, the the burden is much greater than the bonus.


good research. I’ve wondered for a while whether the original developers really accounted for true unit costs in development or not. I’ve always assumed they didn’t, but these kinds of tests could confirm or refute it.

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I took part in the tests but I forgot to say that considering German is a strong civ in 1v1 games and has already a strong cavalry, the buff could be in the form of cost, decreasing the cost of Doppel a little so using them would not be so eco crashing, maybe 60-70f 100-90g? This could make them mora viable in normal games.

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Good post! Buff doppelsoldners! Is my favourite unit and is a ■■■■… buff many cac units

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Thank you for your service.

I know it is a lot to ask but have you considered doing the same for consulate units into villager seconds?

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idk, someone will post a video of 50 doppels beating 50 strelets and say they are op.

normal 2 pop infantry in this game is a lost cause, and aoe infantry even more so. with regular melee infantry like jaguar knights, rajputs and halberdiers being a joke for 20 years and grenadiers receiving nerfs, the chance that units like samurai, skull knights, macemen and doppels will receive the love they deserve is a far fetched dream.

but we can still hope.

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Skull knights are usable now at least and the next patch is buffing macemen so we’ll see how they do.