Unit Unique Phrases

Playing with the italians (and reading the wikia in turn) I realized that some of their unique units have quite unique and in some cases funny dialogues, the architect basically almost all his lines are unique: I would like to show the unique phrases that they have and that they are in the wikia.

Un istante, di grazia - Give me a moment, please
Malnato scudo - Cursed Shield
(these 2 said by the pavisier)

Avette of time? - Do you have time?
Qual è l’edificio? - What is the building?
Lo costruiremo qui? - Shall we build it here?
Ne seven sicuro? - Are you sure?
Gli italiani, migliore il fanno - Italians do it better
Non mi si faccia fretta, codesta è arte! - Don’t rush me, this is art!
Presto fia concluso - Will be ready soon.
Talk to celia? - Are you kidding?
(the architect has several that are funny XD)

Chi è il mio obiettivo?-Who is my target?
A chi perire è d’uopo? - Who needs to die?
suddenly - finally
I am invisible - I am invisible
Il cagnaccio perisce - That dog will perish
(these are said by the spy, sometimes I have used these units with other civs but there are no similar phrases)
Mio señore?-My Sir?
Qualcosa distrugger if you must! - We have to destroy something!
Its with i mortari! - Up the mortars!
Moviam codesto basto - Let’s move this load
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! (Laugh)
(and these are the mortars… and they don’t resemble other mortar´s phrases from what I’ve been able to hear.)

Dai mostra delli cannoni ai nemici - Show the enemy our cannons
(this last bliss by the papal cannon)

What do you mean by that? Well, I find it curious that they took the trouble to add new unique phrases for some units and despite the fact that my main language is Spanish, it still feels great to hear that the units say one or another phrase more than the typical orders, I wonder if in In the future, more dialogues will be added like this, although they are few for old units.

(post: I remembered that all the standard European Explorers of the Vanilla version had a phrase that said “I claim this land in the name of _______” is said in the king of the hill game mode, but for some reason this phrase was removed from the game mode .


I’m not sure if the reclaim line would had been said on King of the Hill mode (they were already in vanilla and it didn’t feature KoH).

I think it had been said at the beggining of the match.

No lo recuerdo bien realmente ya que hace un tiempo que jugue el vainilla

Regicide and King of the Hill were added on TAD.

My bet is that in some design stage of the game, you started with a “Colony ship” (from AoE wikia Cut content article) and you have to choose your localization with your explorer and then build a TC, probably inspired by Civ colonization (in fact, there were more resources planned like spices). Also in that game you can ship units from your homecity.

Oh! vale lo pillo lo pillo entonces era asi no sabia eso, en todo caso que lastima que no se escuche esa linea ahora.

The "I claim this land in the name of [Civ Name] were meant for treasure pickups IIRC, but were never implemented.

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Could have sense. Is one of the questions that I had, would be nice to ask to some original dev.

uff que mal, entonces debi haberla escuchado en un video de recopilación de frases de unidades