Unit Wololos Not Reflected on Timeline





Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a multiplayer game with Rus against Mongols.

  2. Convert enemy units with a warrior monk holding a relic.

  3. End the game.

  4. View the after-game graphs for unit counts.

Actual results:

I played a game as the Rus against the Mongols on Black Forest. Converted all his army but 6 units (around 70 units). The game ends in 1 minute. End game timeline shows he was defeated with ~83 unit-army (correct value: less than 10 units) to me with ~38 unit-army (correct value: more than 100 units).

Expected results:

End game timeline should show in Military Count graph that the defeat army number dipping down to 6 units and the victor’s army number rising to more than 100 with a near 90 degree spike. Same changes must be reflected on the All Units graph too.


In-game video clip (Dropbox link)
Military Graph
All Units Graph

Thank you @CmdrShepard3163! We are definitely looking into inconsistencies around score. Appreciate the video/screencaps!