United Empires Spring Cup

United Empires is happy to announce it’s 2nd tournament United Empires Spring Cup! This time we have goal of reaching 500$ driven by donations, which is started from 200$ thanks to Crabgot!
Registrations are available now, just send your username and ELO in “check in” through our discord, Tournament will start on March 25th!

Current prize pool: $200 USD
Our discord: United Empires

Note: United Empires works independently from the ESOC administration.



Registration will be open from March 8 to March 23 inclusive.
-25th start of ro32
-8st april start of ro16
-1st april start of ro8
-4th april start of ro4
-7th start of finals and bronze
We will cast bronze and finals on 10th april

Map Pools

RO32 BO3 Punjab-Parallel Rivers-Florida
RO16 BO3 Araucania-Texas-Dunes
RO8 BO5 California-Himalayas-Painted Desert-Yucatan-Lake Chad
RO4 BO5 Colorado-Horn-Cascade Range-Malasya-Korea
FINALS AND BRONZE BO7 New England-Highlands-Carolina-Pampas Sierras-Baja California-Mexico-Niger Delta

Prize pool

It will start with an initial prize of 200 USD donated by crabgot, donations and other contributions from the community will be added to the prize up to a maximum of 500 USD, the rest will be saved for future events.

For the donation link, asking in the discord!

General rules

-You need to check in to participate in tourney.

-Players agree on first match up then winner picks the civ

-After playing with a civilization, that civilization cannot be played again until civilization reset, In bo5, civilizations will reset starting with game 4. In bo7, civilization will reset starting with game 5

-All civilizations, including DLC are allowed.

-When a player drops from the game, the game can be played from the savegame and if the savegame does not work, the player who has disconnected will be given a loss.

-All players are expected to finish their series without spoiling results or records of the game for anyone but tournament staff, Forfeitting series before it’s finished may result player from losing right to claim and prize money and may lead to disqualification

-Game should be created in standard mode.

-Players should not chat in the game.

-Insulting/baiting is strictly forbidden and if someone insults/baits that player will be disqualified from the tournament.

-When a player drops from the game, the game can be played from the savegame and if the savegame does not work, the player who has disconnected will be given a loss.

-Once a player is disqualified, that player cannot claim any right for prize money.

-Any forms of smurfing or cheating is strictly forbidden

-The tournament roaster will be announced the day registrations close.

Other data of interest.

The Admins are Crabgot, EliteRifleman, and Nicius. We have Revnak and Kynesie as consultants. The consultants only give suggestions, they do not participate in the direct administration of the tournament under any circumstances.
The games will be cast on the official United Empires twich (in english) and in ComunidadAoE (in spanish), but casters will be allowed to cast on their respective YouTube channels and in some cases on their twitch channels, for more information, pay attention to the discord!


Recs and statistics of the tournament will be shared on discord and ESOC once the tournament is over!

Authorized Casters

Widgie, Lenlenlena and Harrisoon (in english)
Dori and Foquitaman (in spanish)


Where’s the cup?


In the heart of all AoE3 DE players


Good afternoon, I wanted to inform you that because we have experienced serious technical problems with the game, the organizers have decided that it is best to postpone our events of this week for a while, until we get a hotfix or an update, in case we resume our events, we will let you know!
Thank you very much and I hope you have a good day.


Updated information

New timeline

RO32: From april 8, to april 10

RO16: From april 11, to april 14

RO8: From april 15, to april 18

Semi Finals: From april 19 to april 23

Finals: april 24th Sunday

BRACKETS: United Empires Summer Cup | Bracket HQ




Casted by Harrison and LionHeart

Come catch us now!