United States Marines

Are going marines worth it? They definitely seem super pop and cost efficient with their huge stats but it feels like they need too many cards to be worth it(long rifles, marines, minuteman companies…), and they come out a bit late, you can’t really field a large amount of them until you send minutemen companies and by then you may as well just use regulars, no? Interested to hear others thoughts on them.

Going marines is sometimes worth it, but only if you plan to send other cards later, I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the aizamk build, but it’s a fast fortress with Virginia, then you build 2 extra town centers, ship US marines, then ship the Virginia federal card, not the general assembly, you sent that one already, I’m talking about the other one, this one comes in right after you ask for it unlike other shipments, and it makes each town center spawn 6 minutemen, so that’s 18, plus you can always call minutemen like normal.

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