Units disappear but can see their Line-of-Sight

Game Version: AoE:II DE

  • Build (101.101.34793.0)
  • Platform (Microsoft Store)



Units disappear, but can see their line-of-sight. Can’t click on them, but if they move for any reason they re-appear until they stop most times. During this game I’d say about 20 of my units were missing. Villagers disappear as well when collecting, but they don’t seem to when idle. Buildings are fine.)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. (It seems random to me. Units sometimes disappear the moment they start idling from being created, sometimes after reaching their designated way-point. Never when moving, and if they disappear but I haven’t deselected said units I can move them and sometimes they’ll reappear, and sometimes after moving they’ll disappear again.)
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