Units don't attack and keep stopping

I am VERY frustrated with an error that affects my matches. My units, when I place a rally point via the F1 shortcut, don’t always reach the final destination. They stand scattered along the way, as if their AI shuts down. My troops in general, when I order them to attack a point, several of them stand still, not acting, not attacking the enemy, just standing there looking. If I want to do an entire fight, I have to keep right-clicking without stopping or they won’t attack or move.

They don’t have the command to stay still, I don’t press the “V” or the “S”.

I get very, very frustrated because it happens in every match.

Are you clicking on the enemy or the ground?
From my experience the troops will stand still if the selected target is dead/destroyed.

This is definetly something that needs to be addressed.